IJusi is proper Old School print. Paper you can feel, ink you can smell. None of this digital stuff. The snippets that you get to taste here are simply meant to get your juices flowing. All featured publications on this site are not complete issues. Printed back issues and complete PDF’s are available on request*. Click here to make contact.

Issue #29:
The Madiba Issue

Contributors include: Berserker - Mariska Botha - Clinton Campbell - Bradley Cuzen - Wilmarie Deetlefs - Rikus Ferreira - Melissa Furter - Paul Garbett - Rhiannon Darcy Hanger - Nix Harwood - Letitia van Heerden - Roger Jardine - Anton Kannemeyer - Matt Kay - Warwick Kay - Dale Kilian - Stathi Kougianos - Wilhelm Krüger - Shane de Lange - Kim Longhurst - Mike Louw - Thabiso Mbambo - Ningihlenge Ntuli - Brad Purchase - Scott Robertson - Udo Schleimann - Marie Serfontein - Anna Sinnige - Skullboy - Alex Sudheim - Sasha Subramoney - Sumeeth Suthurgam - Fred Swart Andre Thijssen - Partick Thomas - Simon Villet - Nicolene van der Vorst - Brode Vosloo - Brenton Chelin - Eli Coelho - Steve Kotze - Blake Pickering - Niren Tolsi - Anelia Varela - Ernest van der Merwe

Issue #27:
The LP Album
Cover Issue

Issue #27 is themed around the classic 33RPM LP cover, following the traditions set forth by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix, and Des & Dawn Lindberg. Designers were asked to create an album cover for a fantasy band, inspired by the classic art of the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” by Peter Blake, Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” by Peter Saville, or Sonic Youth’s “Dirty” by Mike Kelley, to name a few. Designers created their own band name, logo and cover style. Equally as important was the icons, prices, labels and other graphic elements that accompanied LP’s on retailers shelves, adding to the history of listening culture. Contributors include: Blake Pickering - Justine Barry - Dylan de Almeida - Mxolisi Gumbi - Coenraad Sutton - Dumo Dlulane - Shane de Lange - Wilhelm Krüger - Stefan Naude - Givan Lotz - Thandeka Shangase - Vian Roos - Mileshaa Subramani - Lukholo Ntsume - Anton Kannemeyer

Issue #25:
The Ballpoint Pen Issue

Published in 2010, various creatives were invited to submit drawings, doodles, and texts surrounding the term ‘fear’, using only blue ballpoint pen as a medium. Contributors include: Roger Ballen - Wade Barnes - Rudi de Beer - Danielle de Bruyn - Johan de Lange - Daniel du Plessis - Rikus Ferreira - Francois Fourie - Byron Groper - Richard Hart - Megan Hodge - Anton Kannemayer -Mathew Kay - Warwick Kay - Wilhelm Krüger - David Lancashire - Daniela Loureiro - Travis Lyle - Michael MacGarry - Merwe Marchand le Roux - Ian Marley - Marianne Minny - Richard Moir - Karien Mulder - Alastair Palmer - Michelle Raap - Jessica Rogers - Andrea Schonfeldt - Alex Sudheim - Matri van den Heever - Simon Villet - Garth Walker - Lorcan White - Hougaard Winterbach

Issue #23:
Unpublished Colour Photographs From SA

Published in 2006, issue #23 is a selection of unpublished colour photographs by established and emergent photographers from all corners of South Africa. Contributors include: Roger Ballen - Paul Botes - Angela Buckland - David Goldblatt - Patrick Gries - Pieter Hugo - Roger Jardine - Chris Kirchhoff - Steve Kotze - Oliver Kruger - Wilhelm Krüger - Jillian Lochner - Sean O’Toole - Blake Pickering - Patrick Ryan - Lance Slabbert - Mikhael Subotzky - Guy Tillim - Garth Walker

Issue #21:

Published in 2004, this graphic novel themed issue is the second collaborative measure between Ijusi and Bitterkomix. Contributors include: Conrad Botes - Paddy Bouma - Jean Brundrit - Catherine Clarke - Joe Daly - Anton Kannemeyer - Mark Kannemeyer - Wilhelm Krüger - Nicolene Louw - Blake Pickering - Daniel du Plessis - Karlien de Villiers - Garth Walker

Issue #19:
The Foto Issue

Published in 2003, this issue is comprised of Photographs taken by established and and emerging photographers from around South Africa. The central theme is ‘One Mile From Home’. Contributors include: Henriette Bekker - Brandt Botes - Jean Brundit - Angela Buckland - Nicholas Carroll - Joakim Eskildsen - Jana von Hagen - Pieter Hugo - Warren Janse van Renberg - Roger Jardine - Sipho Khoza - Wilhelm Krüger - Moses Kubisa - Sarah Oldridge - Otch Otto - Tamsin Parvus - Black Pickering - Brian Rea - Marius van Rensburg - Heidi Saayman - Mark Shepherd - Lance Slabbert - Andre Thijssen - Garth Walker

Issue #17:
Afrika Typografika II

Published in 2002, this issue is the second in a series of Type-specific issues, advocating the creation of unique typefaces and hand lettering based on individual experiences of South African culture. Contributors include: Torsten Fehsenfeld - Rikus Ferreira - Dale Halvorsen - Max Kisman - Steven Kotze - Wilhelm Krüger - David Minaar - Brian Palmer - Gareth Pike - Simon Villet - Garth Walker

Issue #15:
The Porn Issue

Published in 2001, this issue speaks for itself, focused on the theme of porn and/or naughty sex. Contributors include: Brandt Botes - Conrad Botes - Sheila Dörje - Rikus Ferreira - Dale Halvorsen - Jacki Kaye - Nick Paul - William Rae - Scott Robertson - Alex Sudheim - Anton Visser - Garth Walker

Issue #13:

Published in the year 2000, this issue is the first komix and graphic novel issue, in association with Bitterkomix. Contributors include: Jeremy Berrisford - Conrad Botes - Brandt Botes - Joe Dog - Peter Hudson - Anton Kannemeyer - Mark Kannemayer - Wilhelm Krüger - John Murray - Scott Robertson - Karlien de Villiers - Brode Vosloo

Issue #11:
Afrika Typografika I

Published in the year 2000, this issue marks the the first in a series of type specific issues, encouraging designers to create typefaces and hand lettering based on personal experiences about South Africa. Contributors include: Shani Ahmeb - Brandt Botes - Gareth Chisolm - Sheila Dörje - Sean Harrison - Jean Hofmeyr - Pete Hudson - Wilhelm Krüger - Heidi Pieterson - William Rea Alex Sudheim - Roualt Van Wyk - Brode Vosloo - Garth Walker

Issue #9:
Cape Ingredients

Published in 1999, this issue stands as a homage to the Mother City through the eyes of Cape Town’s inhabitants. Contributors include: bbc - Gareth Chisolm - Candice Clements - Sheila Dörje - Peter Hartmann - Jean Hofmeyr - Peter Hudson - Wilhelm Krüger - Heidi Pieterson - Ashley Probert - Damien Stephens - Gwynedd Theron

Issue #7:
Human Rights

Published in 1998, this issue is a collaborative issue between design students from the then ‘New’ South Africa, the ‘Unified’ Germany, and France; celebrating 50 Years of Human Rights. Contributors include: Eric Bhengu - Alex Bohan - Shane Bredenkamp - Susanne Geisbeiger - Siobhan Gunning - Annarossa Krau - Steffi Lindner - Elodie Martin - Hope Mlangeni - Mandisa Mthukwane - Adolf Ntshingila - Peche - Russell Stark - Ntanda Vakalisa - Jules Voboda - Brode Vosloo - Garth Walker

Issue #5:
Life Story

Published in 1997, emerging designers were asked to submit illustrations that would communicate their personal experience of South Africa. Their story would be retold by established designers as a complete Life Story. This was a global, collaborative issue, comprising various designers from around the world. Contributors include: Suzy Bell (ZA) - Roy Clucas (ZA) - Barry Downard (ZA) - Micky Du (ZA) - Jan Erasmus (ZA) - Heather Gomes (ZA) - Graham Taylor (ZA) - Garth Walker (ZA) - Daryl Winchester (ZA) - Martijn Oostra (NL) - Peter Van Brederode (NL) - Dorit Ponater (DE) - Martin Wittenburg (DE) - Mirko Ilic (USA)

Issue #3:
Towards a New Visual Language

Published in 1995, this was the first themed issue, focused on the idea of a new and vibrant visual design language rooted within the South African experience. This issue was also the first to feature invited designers. Contributors include: Roy Clucas - Jan Erasmus - Siobhan Gunning - Tessa Gurney - Nathan Reddy - Graham Taylor - Willeen le Roux - Garth Walker - Kim Longhurst - Scott Robertson

Issue #1:
Afrocentric Design Adventure

Published in 1995, this is the very first issue of Ijusi, which was also thought at the time to be the one and only issue. Celebrating South Africa’s recent Democracy and the explosion of vernacular street art that followed the restrictive Apartheid era, Ijusi #1 would prove to become a major cultural purveyor. Being the first issue, the motivation to invite designers, writers, and artists to contribute to the magazine was not yet in place, hence Garth Walker and Siobhan Gunning being the only contributors to this issue.

Issue #28:
The Tattoo Issue

Karo Akpokiere - Maaike Bakker - Berserker (Shane de Lange & Alexander Sudheim) - Brandt Botes - Conrad Botes - Robin Cook - Zama Dlamini - Rikus Ferreira - Byron Graper - Hannes Greyling - Dean Henning - Wilhelm Krüger - Kim Longhurst - Travis Lyle - Michael Macgarry - Muti - Ninjabreadboy - Natalie Peckham - Scott Robertson - Nathan Roodt - Vian Roos - Marcel Roussouw - Flo Schneuwly - Tanya Shunmugam - Skullboy - Marilize Smith - Alexander Sudheim - Fred Swart - Simon Villet - Brode Vosloo - Garth Walker - Lorcan White - Hougaard Winterbach - Andy Wyeth

Issue #26:
Afrika Typografika III

Published in 2011, this issue the third in a series of type-specific themes, encouraging artists and designers to create typefaces, hand lettering, and the like, based on their own personal South African experience. Contributors include: Nivag Aekoor - Karo Akpokiere - Wade Barnes - Olaf Bisschoff - Yolanda Booyzen - Brandt Botes - Justin Channell - Cyril (Freedom printers) - Shane de Lange - Daniel du Plessis - Paul Garbett - Siobhan Gunning - Megan Hodge - Steve Inggs - Natasha James - Roger Jardine - Li Joshua - Matt Kay - Maxine Kelly - Stathi Kougianos - Wilhelm Krüger - Greg Lomas - Givan Lötz - Siaesh Naidoo - Yoshen Nair - Nosipho Ndlovu - Shanleigh O’ Reilly - Craig Parsons - Carl Peetz - Viaan Roos - Monique Verheem - Simon Villet - Andre Visage - Brode Vosloo - Garth Walker - Hougaard Winterbach - Ingrid Winterbach - Lorcan White - Kelvin Young - Clayton Xulu

Issue #24:
South African Stories

Published in 2007, issue #24 was themed around ‘South African Short Stories’. Each short story was limited to 500 words, and was complimented by an associated book cover design. Each double page spread was thus comprised of one story and cover. Contributors include: Lauren Beukes - Brandt Botes - Rikus Ferreira - Adri Goosen - Roger Jardine - Anton Kannemeyer - Steven Kotze - Wilhelm Krüger - Travis Lyle - Andrew Miller - Phehello Mofokeng - Blake Pickering - Gareth Pike - Andrew Rich - Carl Roose - Alex Sudheim - Sifiso Taleni - Simon Villet - Garth Walker - Henning Wagenbreth

Issue #22:
South Africa Now: The Black & White Issue

Published in 2006, issue #22 is a sardonic look at the New South Africa, years after the introduction of Democracy. Contributors include: Conrad Botes - Rikus Ferreira - Pieter Hugo - Anton Kannemayer - Johan Kotze - Steven Kotze - Wilhelm Krüger - Merwe Le Roux - Sean O’Toole - Andre Thijssen - Simon Villet - Garth Walker

Issue #20:
The Language Issue

Published in 2004, this issue is an ode to the 11 Official Languages of South Africa. This is a graphic insight into the multilingual, multi-faceted aspects of South African culture. Contributors include: Nadine Bindeman - Katherine Bull - Alan Fletcher - Steven Kotze - Wilhelm Krüger - Vumile Mavumengwana - Sean O’Toole - Matt Ross - Andre Thijssen - Garth Walker

Issue #18:
The Identity Issue

Published in 2003, this issue is an international collaboration and exchange between South African students and the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in Den Haag, Netherlands. The theme is Identity, interpreted on individual and societal scales. Contributors include: Lesley Arp - Sarah Barkmeijer - Brandt Botes - Linda Bouwer - Gabrielle Ebskamp - Pepijn de Haan - Marieke Hageman - Marc Heedman - Sanne van Heese - Iris de Jager - Wilhelm Krüger - Alexandra de Long - Karyn Maughan - Rosanne van den Meer - Madalina Soare-Zavoianu - Gudrun Seijsener - Deniz Terli - Diederik Voortman – Garth Walker - Roger Ward - Wais Wardak - Floris Westerduin - Margie Willemsen

Issue #16:
Ijusi Guide to Religion

Published in 2002, this is issue takes a look at what constitutes religion in South Africa. Contributors include: Ivan Ayeliffe - Daniel Berkowits - Torsten Fehsenfeld - Bruce Gurley - Andrew Jamieson - Lize de Kock - Michael Lees-Rolfe - Nadia Lossgott - Di Paice - Tamarin Siebin - Andrea Sher

Issue #14:
ijusi A-Z

Published in 2001, based on the reputation South Africa attained for being ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’, this issue investigates the often questionable experience on street level. Contributors include: Sheila Dörje - Carmen Gabriel - Dale Halvorsen - Jean Hofmeyr - Steven Kotze - Wilhelm Krüger - Cornelius Lemmer - Elisie Meyende - John Pauling - Pam Sykes - Brode Vosloo - Garth Walker - Sean Wilson

Issue #12:
The Death Issue

Published in the year 2000, this issue tackles the subject of death; mortality visualized through the eyes of South African designers, artists, and writers. Contributors include: Suzy Bell - Nadine Bindemann - Barry Downard - Killie Campbell Museum - Steven Kotze - Wilhelm Krüger - Nick Paul - John Pauling - William Rea - Sue Stewart - Alex Sudheim - Karlien de Villiers - Brode Vosloo - Garth Walker

Issue #10:
Street Style Issue

Published in 1999, this issue is an in depth investigation into at the almost uncanny graphic productions and interpretations found in the streets of South Africa’s cities and townships. Contributors include: Eben Keun - Steve Kotze - Alex Sudheim - Brode Vosloo - Garth Walker

Issue #8:
The Black & White Issue

Published in 1999, this issue symbolizes an embrace of Monochrome Illustrations, focused around the idea of being ‘black’ or ‘white’ in South African post-1994. Contributors include: Carl Addy - Brandt Botes - Conrad Botes - Joe Dog - Sheila Dörje - Rikus Ferreira - Siobhan Gunning - Rob Heasley - Jean Hofmeyr - Peter Hudson - Wilhelm Krüger - Warwick Lobban - Leanne Pitt - William Rea - Benoit Ruscoe - Russell Stark - Karlien de Villiers - Clint Vosloo - Garth Walker - Lorcan White - Grant Whitfield

Issue #6:
V8 Power

Published in 1997, this issue experiments with the concept of a ‘new’ [South African] visual language, which by 1997 was a reality in the local design vernacular. Contributors include: Angela Buckland - Stephan Embleton - Carmen Gabriel - Soibhan Gunning - Lisa King - William Rea - Benoit Ruscoe - Brode Vosloo - Clint Vosloo - Garth Walker

Issue #4:
Rave Issue

Published in 1996, this issue is graphic depiction of the Durban music scene, coupled with observations of commuter bus signage. At the time, Rave was massive, with a prolific warehouse party culture happening in all the major centers of South Africa. Durban particularly had a unique approach to this electronic music sub-culutre. Contributors include: Mark Crozier - Siobhan Gunning - Keith Moodie - Dorit Ponater - Angela Shaw - Garth Walker

Issue #2:
Afrocentric Design Adventure

Published in 1995, this issue was a continuation of the first issue celebrating South Africa’s newly constructed Democracy, and the explosion of vernacular street art that flowed from this canonical event. Contributors: Being the first issue, the motivation to invite designers, writers, and artists to contribute to the magazine was not yet in place, hence Garth Walker and Siobhan Gunning being the only contributors to this issue.